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DJ RBM´s Newsletter - July 2014

Hey guys.., what´s up ? :)

Good news! My album Belveder Avenue is now out and available to purchase, including also my latest track Philia and the NiTesh Remix of Letters From Europe.
DJ RBM - Belveder Avenue-blue.jpg
DJ RBM - Belveder Avenue - Tracklist

1. 124 (Original Mix)
2. Reminiscence (Original Mix)
3. Rickety Love (Original Mix)
4. Who The Fuck Is RBM (Original Mix)
5. Make Me Smile Again (Original Mix)
6. It´s The Way It Is (Original Mix)
7. 138 (Original Mix)
8. Let Us Pray (Original Mix)
9. For The Friends We´ve Lost (Original Mix)
10. What A Fuck Is Wrong (Original Mix)
11. Letters From Europe (Original Mix)
12. Amsterdam (Original Mix)
13. Rickety Love (RBM´s Alternative Mix)
14. The Sunflower (Original Mix)
15. Peace Of Time (Original Mix)
16. Letters From Europe (NiTesh Remix)
17. Philia (Original Mix)
Thank You for Your great support. Take care, have a great summer.. and just remember - Without Music Life Would Be A Mistake :)
Greetings & best wishes from the heart of Europe. DJ RBM
07.07.2014 07:14:17
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